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25-04-2005EU detection method for BT10 Maize validated
18-04-2005Register of existing GM food and feed products published
18-04-2005Questions & answers on GMO ‘existing products’ register
15-04-2005Bt10: Commission requires certification of US exports to stop unauthorised GMO entering the EU
01-04-2005Commission seeks clarification on Bt10 from US authorities and Syngenta
22-03-2005Commission confirms quality of European GMO legislative framework
22-03-2005Questions and Answers on the Regulation of GMOs in the European Union


29-11-2004Draft decision on genetically modified maize MON 863 to be referred to Council
26-10-2004Genetically modified NK603 maize authorised for both food and feed
08-09-2004Inscription of MON 810 GM maize varieties in the Common EU Catalogue of Varieties
25-06-2004Commission proposes authorisation of NK603 maize
19-05-2004Commission authorises import of canned GM-sweet corn under new strict labelling conditions – consumers can choose
30-04-2004Question and Answers on the regulation of GMOs in the EU
23-04-2004A new impetus for European biotechnology: bringing coherence to EU biotechnology policies
28-01-2004GMOs: Commission takes stock of progress


07-11-2003State of play on GMO authorisations under EU law
24-10-2003Questions and Answers about GMOs in seeds
18-08-2003European Commission regrets the request for a WTO panel on GMOs
23-07-2003GMOs: Commission publishes recommendations to ensure co-existence of GM and non-GM crops
22-07-2003European legislative framework for GMOs is now in place
02-07-2003Wallström and Byrne welcome EP acceptance of a trustworthy and safe approach to GMOs and GM food and feed
19-06-2003WTO consultation over GMO's: EU reiterates its authorisation system is in accordance with WTO rules
13-05-2003European Commission regrets US decision to file WTO case on GMOs as misguided and unnecessary


19-12-2002GM-derived Cottonseed oils notified for marketing in the EU
28-11-2002Commissioner David Byrne welcomes political agreement of Council on further labelling requirements for GMOs in food and feed


08-10-2001Commissioner Byrne visits the US to discuss Biotechnology and Public Health issues
18-09-2001Byrne and Fischler call for political leadership on GMOs
25-07-2001"The right to know about Genetically Modified Food" by David Byrne, Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection
25-07-2001"Commission improves rules on labelling and tracing of GMOs in Europe to enable freedom of choice and ensure environmental safety"
04-07-2001Press release relating to the publication of an opinion on genetically modified cotton and medical devices by the Scientific Steering Committee
10-01-2001Scientific Opinion reviews Austrian reserve on GMO-maize


13-07-2000Commission takes initiative to restore confidence in GMO approval process

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