Community Register of nutrition and health claims made on food - Introductionslide

This Community Register of nutrition and health claims made on foods (“the Register”) has been established as foreseen in Article 20 of Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006 and is updated regularly.

Some sections of this Register are missing and will be completed, as appropriate, following the procedures detailed in the Regulation and depending on the applications for authorisation of health claims.

Explanatory notes

N.B. The Register serves information purposes only. The legal status of nutrition and health claims made on foods is solely governed by the relevant Community legal acts and the general principles and specific conditions set in the Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006 on nutrition and health claims made on foods. The Community legal acts concerning the authorisation of each claim entered in the Register constitute the legal basis for the placing on the market and use of the claim concerned, but do not constitute an authorisation for placing on the Community market the food constituent(s) subject to the claim.

N.B. For the sake of transparency and in the light of the purposes of Article 20 (i.e. knowledge of European Food Safety Authority assessments), all claims subject to an assessment from the European Food Safety Authority and therefore subject to the authorisation procedure are mentioned in the present Register. Therefore, health claims referring to the same food, nutrient, substance or food category may be mentioned in both sections of the Register (authorised claims – rejected claims). It should be noted that the European Food Safety Authority assesses health claims on the merit of each application for authorisation and in particular as regards the evidence and information provided by the different applicants.

N.B. Following the advice from EFSA in terms of opinions Q-2009-00548, Q-2009-00530 and Q-2009-00718, the Commission and the Member States are in the process of discussing the amendment of conditions of use for certain authorised health claims.



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Last Update : 20-11-2009