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Plant Health
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GUIDANCE DOCUMENTS - for the implementation of Council Directive 91/414/EEC (Plant Protection Products)


GUIDANCE DOCUMENTS - (Pesticide Residues)

  • Guidelines for the generation of data concerning residues as provided in Annex II part A, section 6 and Annex III, part A, section 8 of Directive 91/414/EEC concerning the placing of plant protection products on the market
    • Foreword, (Doc. 1607/VI/97), 10 June 1999 pdf(7KB)
    • Appendix A - Metabolism and distribution in plants, (Doc. 7028/VI/95), 22 July 1997 pdf(51KB)
    • Appendix B - General recommendations for the design, preparation and realization of residue trials, (Doc. 7029/VI/95), 22 July 1997 pdf(195KB)
    • Annex 2 - Classification of (minor) crops not listed in the Appendix of Council Directive 90/642 pdf(136KB)
    • Appendix C - Testing of plant protection products in rotational crops, (Doc. 7524/VI/95), 22 July 1997 pdf(36KB)
    • Appendix D - Comparability, extrapolation, group tolerances and data requirements, (Doc. 7525/VI/95), 12 June 2001 pdf(196KB)
    • Appendix E - Processing studies, (Doc. 7035/VI/95), 22 July 1997 pdf(52KB)
    • Appendix F - Metabolism and distribution in domestic animals, (Doc. 7030/VI/95), 22 July 1997 pdf(17KB)
    • Appendix G - Livestock feeding studies, (Doc. 7031/VI/95), 22 July 1996 pdf(39KB)
    • Appendix H - Storage stability of residue samples, (Doc. 7032/VI/95), 22 July 1997 pdf(23KB)
    • Appendix I - Calculation of maximum residue levels and safety intervals, (Doc. 7039/VI/95), 22 July 1997 pdf(98KB)


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