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  Cybereducation for Science and Engineering

Few of the advantages of the national cyberinfrastructure will be realized without scientists and engineers who understand the new capabilities that it provides. NCSA staff collaborates with UIUC faculty and others to develop programs to bring cyberenvironments into the classroom. This will ensure that the benefits of the national cyberinfrastructure are made available to educators and students throughout the country.

To that end, the education staff works with UIUC faculty and students, and other partners to bring cyberinfrastructure resources to new communities. We help bridge the gap between research and education, and conduct a wide variety of activities and programs including activities that disseminate advanced technologies to new and established communities to encourage audiences to adopt new computational technologies as learning tools in pre-college settings, colleges, universities, and the workplace.

Our focus includes building communities of learning and practice using emerging and leading-edge communication and information technologies, as well as promoting, developing, and deploying computational science, modeling, data analysis, and visualization resources in courses and classrooms with an emphasis on NCSA science drivers.  We are investigating the process of bringing research to education communities, working with underrepresented groups to encourage and retain students in STEM fields, and participating in national programs that are creating a sustainable cyberinfrastructure to promote systemic change. This serves the long-term goal of developing the next generation of computational scientists.

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