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1999/12/16 v1.10

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Construct a query by specifying values for one or more UWdir fields. If your query matches more than 25 entries, UWdir will respond with "too many entries to print" -- try using a more precise query by applying some constraints.

If you do not know the proper spelling of a value, you can use the asterisk (*) for pattern matching. For example, cam* will match all words that begin with the letters "cam" (such as Cameron, Camille, or Campbell). The asterisk can be used in multiple fields in the same query, but in some fields it cannot be the first character specified.

Beware! The information in UWdir is provided for use by those who need to reach specific members of the UW community for UW-related purposes. Use of UWdir for the purposes of solicitation of business, information, contributions, or other response from individuals listed in UWdir by mail, telephone, or other means is forbidden.

Maintained by Reg Quinton, Information Systems and Technology