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Netscape's newest browser is being improved again! Click here. More information available from Navigator Home Page 


Microsoft's newest browser! This full install is an updated version of IE 3.0 which contains all the old fixes plus some new corrections for compatibility and other bugs. For more information, check out the MS Internet Explorer Home Page 


Eudora Lite - The #1 electronic mail application on the Internet. For more information, please refer to Eudora Home Page.


A new release of Sun's Java enabled browser, written completely in JAVA! For more information, check out the HotJava Home Page 


A 32-bit Plug-in to play back Macromedia Director files. For more information and registration, check out the Shockwave Home Page.


A terrific, easy to use, and intuitive front end to Internet file transfer. 


Probably the most popular archive manager for Windows. Supports long filenames, drag and extract, and now includes helpful Zip Wizards! The new File Favourite Zip Folders lists all Zip files in your favourite folders by date for easy access. For more information, check out the WinZip Home Page


The most popular shareware virus scanner! Comes complete with ViruShield. For more information, check out the McAfee Home Page.


The most popular IRC client available, with popups, aliases, and more! File contains both the 16-bit and the 32-bit versions. Also available: the mIRC FAQ. For more information, check out the mIRC Home Page 


SmartSurf is a free program that is designed to help you keep track of the time and money you spend using various online services such as the Internet.  

Last updated : August 18, 1997 

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