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A home page is the front door to your site. Using the steps in this guide, you can change your home page to any page you’ve created.

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Step 1: Publish a “Home” page

If you already have a new page created that you wish to use as your homepage, skip this section and move to Step 2.

  1. Go to My Site → Pages.
  2. Click on Add New Page.
  3. Give the page a title like ‘Home’, or whatever you would like it to be called.
  4. Add all the content (like text and images) you want on your page.
  5. Publish the new page.
the Document sidebar menu with an arrow pointing to the Publish button.

Step 2: Set a Static Front Page

You can set a new page as your site’s home page with the following steps:

  1. Go to Appearance → Customize.
  2. Locate the Homepage Settings option.


To see this option, your site must have at least one published page. Go back to Step 1 if you don’t see it!

  1. Select the A static page option, then choose your new page from the Homepage dropdown list.

The preview window will display your newly selected page as the front page of your site.

Click on the Save Changes button to save your homepage settings.

the Customizing Homepage Settings menu option with the Static Page option selected and a Home page set in the Homepage dropdown.


Need to quickly change the page that is assigned as your homepage? Another method is to go to My Site → Pages and click on the three dots next to a page. Then, select ‘Set as Homepage’.

Step 3: Create a Blog Page (Optional)

If you plan on having a blog, you can set up a separate page that will show your blog posts.

Remember, your page will need to be published to show up in the drop down under Posts page.

  1. In Customize → Homepage Settings, select your desired blog page in the Posts page dropdown. If you don’t yet have one, click Add New Page and call the page something like ‘Blog’ or ‘News’.
  2. Click on the Save Changes button to save your changes.
the Customizing Homepage Settings menu option with the Static Page option selected and a Home page set in the Homepage dropdown as well as a Blog Posts page set in the Posts page dropdown.

Step 4: Create a Menu

Now that your pages are created, you can set up your site’s navigation menu. Click this button to learn how:

Homepage Templates and Your Theme

Different themes may have different homepage layouts. The theme instructions may call for you to change the page template or set up featured content areas.

Additionally, some themes do not have sidebar widget areas for the homepage. Rest assured, if you change to one of these themes, the content you built in your sidebar is not gone, it just will not display on the home page.


The best way to learn how to recreate your theme’s home page design is to check out the instructions in the Info section of the theme in the Theme Showcase.

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My Homepage Disappeared!

If your homepage has gone missing, it’s likely that you just switched themes and added the new theme’s demo content to your site. Do not worry! Your old homepage will still be available at Pages → Drafts. You can republish it from there.

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