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The Mystery Dungeon video game series was conceived by Koichi Nakamura, founder of Chunsoft and co-creator of the Dragon Quest series, as Chunsoft's first original work, basing the design on the game Rogue. Most of the titles were developed by Chunsoft; other titles were developed by different companies with permission from Chunsoft to use the trademark. Most Mystery Dungeon games center on exploring a dungeon with randomly generated layouts and fighting other characters in those dungeons in a turn-based manner; every time the player performs an action, such as attacking or walking, the opponents also take action. The first title, Torneko no Daibōken: Fushigi no Dungeon (1993), starred Torneko, a shopkeeper character from Chunsoft's Dragon Quest IV. The games of the Mystery Dungeon series can be largely divided into five groups: those related to the Dragon Quest series; the Shiren the Wanderer series; those related to the Chocobo series; those related to the Pokémon franchise; and individual spin-off games of other franchises. (Full list...)

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Swallows, together with martins, form a family of passerine birds known as the Hirundinidae. They are found around the world on all continents, including occasionally in Antarctica. There are around 90 species of Hirundinidae, with the greatest diversity found in Africa, which is thought to be where they evolved as hole-nesters. For the most part swallows are insectivorous, taking flying insects on the wing and using foveae in their eyes to help track prey.

This picture shows the pied-winged swallow, which is found in several countries in western Africa.

Photograph: Charles J. Sharp

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