46 Ways to Embarass Yourself in Writing (Image credit: Getty Images)
Ever have the revelation that you've been using a certain word incorrectly? Are you haunted by e-mails you can't take back? See how you can stop making these blunders!
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Meet Our Columnists
Martha Brockenbrough
Martha Brockenbrough is the author of "Things That Make Us [Sic]," a guide to funny bad grammar. She is also the founder of SPOGG, the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar.
Tamim Ansary
Tamim is author of the critically acclaimed memoir "West of Kabul, East of New York" and 38 nonfiction books for children.
Anu Garg
Anu Garg is the founder of, an online community of word lovers in 200 countries. He has authored three books on the origins of words.

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