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The Most-Often Misspelled Words
The English language offers plenty of everyday terms that can trip up even the best spellers. See how well you can do!
Models of the Atom
Put on your lab coat and safety glasses and test your knowledge of the chemical elements.
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Easy Mistakes: Commonly Misspelled Words
It's Elementary! A Chemistry Quiz
Asian American Heritage Quiz
Conquerors, Despots, and Empire-builders: A Military Leaders Quiz
Boot Camp: Do You Know U.S. Military Basics?
Are You CEO Material?
The Language of Politics: A Word Origins Quiz
What's a Hoosier? A State Nicknames Quiz
Could You Pass 8th-Grade Math?
Name of the Game: A Sports Quiz
A Stately Quiz of Unflagging Interest
Greek Mythology Quiz
True Colors: Do You Know Flags of the World?
Big Apple Quiz
Celebrity Majors Quiz
Where Ya From, Buckaroo? A Word-Origin Quiz
What Was Life Like in 1930?
Bird Brain?
Could You Win the National Spelling Bee?
Encarta Rocks: A Rock 'n' Roll Quiz
Celebrity Name Game
World Capitals Quiz
Business School Reality Quiz
Famous First Words
Cold Gold: A Winter Olympics Quiz
Winter Quiz: Are You Hot When It's Not?
Bow-wow-wow! Encarta's Dog Quiz
Do You Know Dinos?
Harry Potter Quiz: Are You a Wizard?
Mysteries of the Deep: A Sea Creatures Quiz
Middle East Geography and History
A Capital Quiz of Stately Proportions
Eye of the Storm--A Hurricane Quiz
Are You Grammatically Incorrect?
As Good As Your Word: A Vocabulary Quiz
Flower Power Quiz
How Well Do You Know Your Body?
Name the Scientist
Geographic Extremes: How Well Do You Know the World?
By Definition: A Vocabulary Quiz
What Do You Know About Money?
Space: How Out of It Are You?
Celebrity Authors
The American Civil Rights Movement
Pets--Gone Wild!
How Well Can You Spell?
College Football Bowl Quiz
Holiday Foods: Do You Know What You're Eating?
Can You Recite the "Twelve Days of Christmas?"
A Movie Quotes Quiz: Do You Feel Lucky?
Native American History
A Taste of the SATs: Verbal
How Worldly Are You?
Name That Star
Who Dunnit? An Art Quiz
Watch Your Language
Are You Superstitious?
U.S. Citizenship Test: Could You Pass?





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