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MSN Holiday Reward
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MSN Holiday Reward
Get a reward for shopping on MSN this holiday season -- a $20 check for every $100 you spend. All your purchases at participating merchants count, and the more you spend, the more you get! MSN will send you a check for up to $100 after the holidays.
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For all your Passport Express Purchases combined at participating MSN merchants, Nov. 20-Dec. 20:
If you spend... You get...
$100 - $199 $20
$200 - $299 $40
$300 - $399 $60
$400 - $499 $80
$500 or more $100

How it works:
1. Find something to buy
Start shopping at MSN eShop. All products from participating stores are eligible for the MSN Holiday Reward (listed at right). To find participating products while shopping on MSN look for the label Get your MSN Holiday Reward.

2. Use Passport Express Purchase
When you make a purchase at the store's site, you must click the Passport Express Purchase button. If you don't have a Passport wallet, you can get one on the spot -- it's easy and free. If you want to know more about Passport, click here.

3. Watch your reward grow
MSN will automatically track your purchases and send you email updates on the amount of your reward -- and how much more you need to spend to get another $20, up to a maximum of $100.

4. Get your reward
In January, MSN will send you an email with a link to a page where you can tell us where you'd like us to mail your reward. Then, MSN will send you a check!

Participating stores:

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