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Sonic eStore > MyDVD Style Packs
MyDVD Motion & Still Style Packs
If you are not a Photoshop expert, let Sonic help you overcome an obstacle to creating your own custom styles for MyDVD - lack of time, and Photoshop expertise. Motion Style Packs provide quality, ease of use as well as some entertaining animations at a reasonable price.

Sonic MyDVD Style Packs
Cool Motion Style Pack for MyDVD 4
These animations are perfect for those times that you want to add that special touch to your video. Choose between 3D purple grids, cool blue circles, stripes, lights. RetroLime brings you back in time. Orange and yellow rings and circles completes your set. With the many moods available in these 10 animations, it should be easy to find that perfect background for your next video production. 160 MB download

Only $49.99

Sports Motion Style Pack for MyDVD 4
If you are getting started with a sports project for home or school, this style pack is packed with creative motion backgrounds for any kind of sports project. Contains 10 motion menus. 162 MB download

Only $49.99

Wedding Motion Style Pack for MyDVD 4
This is an excellent collection of custom motion wedding styles. It contains 10 creative motion backgrounds and buttons. Create impressive-looking wedding DVD and VCD productions in just minutes by selecting styles from this set. 168 MB download

Only $49.99

Travel Motion Style Pack for MyDVD 4
With 10 choices available, these motion styles will breathe life into your productions with a fresh perspective. Coupled with your innovative footage, these motion styles will give your production the edge. 166 MB download

Only $49.99

Core Motion Style Pack Set for MyDVD 4

This set of 10 styles are the original set that comes with the CD version of MyDVD 4. If you have a downloaded or OEM version, this set of Motion Styles will complete your collection. 166 MB download

Do NOT order if you have already ordered a physical version of MyDVD 4.

Only $29.99

Still Style Pack 1 for MyDVD 3.5 & MyDVD 4
Dress up your DVD with nine fun and fanciful menus and buttons that enhance your MyDVD creation. Specially designed to give your productions a professional polish with an edge. 57 MB download.

Only $29.99

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