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Sonic eStore > SmartSound > SonicFire Pro
  • New Streamlined Professional User Interface

  • Edge Vol 1: Techno/Dance (Dance and techno Audio Palette at 44 kHz 16-bit stereo)

Create Custom, Professional Music Soundtracks for Any Visual Project in Minutes
  • Video Import: DV, AVI, MPEG, QuickTime

  • Score Videos Inside SmartSound - Automatically

  • Preview Ideas in Real Time with Your Video

  • Score Multiple Scenes & Events - Fast

  • Complete Support for DV Audio and More

  • Edit Your Own Music - Automatically

  • Full Spectrum (Contemporary musical styles Audio Palette at 44 kHz 16-bit stereo)
Instant Stunning Precise Soundtracks are Now Just a Mouse Click Away
Sonicfire Pro, the new addition to the SmartSound family, blazes a new trail for the SmartSound name and our customers. It is the beginning of a new line of professional level tools designed specifically to meet the demanding needs of professional video editors and visual content creators. Redesigned from the ground up - but still based on our unique patented SmartSound technology - Sonicfire takes you to a new level of control and agility with the soundtrack process.

Purchase - SonicFire Pro (Physical)
Only $299

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