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In its Decision (95/260/EC) of 13.06.1995, the Commission set up a Consumer Committee which may be consulted on all matters relating to the protection of consumer interests.

Composed of 20 full members and 20 alternates appointed by the Commission for a 2-year, once renewable, mandate (1 per Member State plus 5 representatives from the European consumer associations: BEUC, COFACE, EURO COOP, IEIC, ETUC), it meets on average 4 times a year in Brussels.

The Committee:

  • constitutes a forum of general discussions on problems relating to consumer interests,
  • gives an opinion on Community matters affecting the protection of consumer interests, without this necessarily reflecting the opinion of the national consumer protection organisations which are not represented within the CC.
  • advises and guides the Commission when it outlines policies and activities having an effect on consumers
  • informs the Commission of developments in consumer policy in the Member States
  • acts as a source of information and soundboard on Community action for the other national organizations.

The secretariat and the presidency of the Committee are held by the Commission.

For further information, phone following numbers Phone(32-2) 299.50.26 - 295.51.41 - 295.71.73.


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