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Rural information and promotion carrefours

The task of the Carrefours is to bring information on the EU into rural communities. They are available to individuals, local and regional authorities, economic operators, non-profit-making associations and public interest organisations. They are set up within pre-existing organisations (host structures) which have experience in rural development and information.

The Carrefours provide information on all the measures adopted by the European Union which might have an impact on life in rural areas, and on European programmes to which inhabitants of rural areas have access.

They publish newsletters and magazines, work with associations, schools and local media, provide a tailor-made information service for businesses and organisations which request it and answer the many questions which are addressed to them daily.

The Carrefours take an active part in the economic and social life of the areas in which they are established. They organise symposia, meetings or other events which allow the various local partners to meet and exchange views. They also help project promoters to prepare their funding applications.

The Carrefours work in a network. They are constantly exchanging information, and collaborate in putting cooperation projects together, exploiting to the full the preferential relationships which they have created with the other rural communities that are part of the network.

The network is currently made up of 114 relays distributed across all of Europe's rural areas.