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Health and Consumer Protection

Health and Consumer Protection


The Food and Veterinary Office DADEESFIFRITNLPTSVpdf (+/- 490 KB)
Communication from the Commission on the precautionary principle DADEESFIFRITNLPTSV   PDF (+/- 110 KB) 
White Paper on Food Safety DADEESFIFRITNLPTSV PDF (+/- 280 KB) 
Air passenger rights in the European Union PDF (71 KB) 
Health and Consumer Protection Directorate-General Annual Report 1998 DEFR PDF (+/- 189 KB) 
A guide to consumer credit in five countries of the European Union : Germany, Belgium, Spain, France and the United Kingdom* ESDEFRNL 
* Science Practice SA was financially supported by the Commission in the production of this guide.  However, the guide does not necessarily represent the Commission's views nor can the Commission be held liable for any errors or ommissions.
Compilation annotée du Droit Européen de la Consommation
Health and Consumer Protection Directorate-General Annual Report 1997 DEFR PDF (+/- 1333 KB) 
The Cost of Legal Obstacles to the Disadvantage of Consumers in the Single Market PDF (815 KB)
The Commission adopts a Green Paper on tackling the problem of counterfeiting and piracy in the Single Market (Health and Consumer Protection Directorate-General)
Etude qualitative sur les choix et l'information des consommateurs PDF (186 Kb)
Vademecum de l'Encephalopathie Spongiforme Bovine (BSE) - 3ème édition - 16.10.98 EN
Application de la directive 93/13 aux prestations de service public FR
Consumer Voice ESDEFRIT
Réussir le passage des Consommateurs à l'euro : Propositions du Groupe Euro du Comité Consommateur de la Commission Européenne (28/11/1997)
Le passage à l'euro : assurer l'acceptation et la confiance des consommateurs (Document technique sur la base des Travaux menés dans le cadre du groupe de travail euro du comité consommateurs)
International Scientific Conference on Animal Meal
EC Mission to Iran on the temporary suspension of imports of pistachios and certain products derived from pistachios originating in or consigned from Iran (26 September 1997 - 3 October 1997)
Final Consolidated Report to the Temporary Committee of the European Parliament on the Follow-up of Recommendations on BSE DEFR
Results of the Official Control on Foodstuffs
The Consumer Committee's Comments on the Commission's Green Paper on the General Principles of Food Law in the European Union - COM (97) 176 final
Inter-Services Operations Manual Establishing Co-Operation Procedures Between Directorate General III, V, VI and XXIV
Report from the Euro Working Group for the Consumer Committee DEFR
Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) Guide - 2nd Edition - 29.10.96 ESDADEFRITNLPTFISV
Guide to legal aid
European consumer guide



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