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Health and Consumer Protection

Health and Consumer Protection

Call for Tenders

Annual Financial Support

Annual call for specific projects and financial support to European consumer organisations in 2001

Other Call for Tenders

B-Brussels: training activities for the benefit of staff from consumer organizations 2000/S 141-092333 Invitation to tender DADEESFIFRITNLPTSV
Call for expressions of interest for the position of member of a Scientific Committee (OJ C 142 of May 20, 2000) DADEelESFIFRITNLPTSV
Call for expressions of interest for the position of member of the Scientific Steering Committee (OJ C 142 of May 20, 2000) DADEelESFIFRITNLPTSV
Brussels: creation of an education campaign on food safety in the Member States in 2000 and 2001 and co-ordination of this campaign - 2000/S 82-053300 DADEelESFIFRITNLPTSV
Action to collect data on doubtful vocational training and commercialisation of business proposals made to individual consumers (99/S 179-125837/FR)ESDADEFRITNLPTFISV
Research efforts on the toxicology of bis (dichloroprophyl) ether isomers (99/S 167-121221/EN) - Contract noticeESDADEFRITNLPTFISV
Use and assessment of the European form for consumer complaints. Countries involved: Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Ireland and the United Kingdom (99/S 128-85489/FR) - Invitation to tender No XXIV/99/C2/009 ESDADEFRITNLPTFISV 
Updating of the annotated compilation of Community law with respect to consumer protection (99/S 150-110638/FR) XXIV/99/C2/007 ESDADEESFRITNLPTFISV 
Study on Community consumer law and the information society (99/S 123-91174/FR) - Open procedure FR
Study on the application of the European Agreement of 30. 6. 1998 between consumers and professionals in respect of the transition to the euro (Logo Euro) (99/S 122-88824/FR - 26/06/99) DEFR
Consumer Policy - Call for expressions of interests (JO/OJ S102 - 28/05/99) ESDADEESFRITNLPTFISV 
12/03/99 - S50/35 - Community Institutions - Commission - Services - General information (99/S 50-31526/FR) - B-Brussels: study on the evolution of charges for banking services with respect to payment, especially cross-border payment, subsequent to the euro being introduced DEFR
Call for projects to promote and protect consumer interests in 1999 ESDADEFRITNLPTFISV
Invitation to tender No XXIV/98/C2/002 - Open procedure DEFR
Notice of Call for Expressions of Interest to provide the Commission with technical reports in the field of general product safetyDEFR



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