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February - 2005 Edition EN pdf
  • Mental illness is Europe's unseen killer, says Commissioner Kyprianou
  • Markos Kyprianou urges food industry to combat obesity
  • The new European healthcare agenda
  • EU confirms the first case of BSE in a goat
  • New EU guidelines to facilitate food law implementation
  • Commission President sets agenda for the coming years

January - 2005 Edition EN DE FR pdf
  • EU establishes research platform on animal health
  • EU agrees to harmonise pesticide residues limits
  • EU supports battle against disease in Tsunami hit regions
  • Hungarian named Director of new EU health agency
  • G7 calls for common action against two major health threats - bioterrorism and avian flu
  • New guidelines on dangerous products
  • Forum launched to support EU contract law initiative

December 2004, Edition DEFRpdf
  • Commissioner Kyprianou sets out his priorities for the coming five years
  • EU sets stricter rules for animal transport
  • EU protects consumers against rogue traders
  • Young Europeans face an increased HIV/AIDS risk

November 2004, Edition DEFRpdf
  • EU unveils picture warnings to put off cigarette smokers
  • Governments meet to update global infectious disease control rules
  • EU mandates experts to test French goat for BSE risk
  • EU dispels consumers concerns after Dutch dioxin contamination
  • EU allocates 188 million euro to fight animal diseases in 2005
  • Learn how to assert your consumer rights!

October 2004, Special Edition - Commissioner David Byrne DEFRpdf
  • Five years of progress
  • Achievements in Public Health
  • Achievements in Food Safety
  • Achievements in Consumer Affairs

October 2004, Edition DEFRpdf
  • EU and neighbouring countries pledge common action against HIV/AIDS
  • A new agency to respond to health threats has been launched in Stockholm
  • EU wants to promote good mental health among young people
  • EU-Russia trade in animal products continues without disruption
  • Where next for consumer policy?
  • Consumer associations invited to workshop on product safety monitoring

September 2004, Edition DEFRpdf
  • Good health for all - the future of health in Europe
  • EU acts to tackle obesity
  • EU promotes consumer rights in the new Member States
  • Stakeholders invited to join EU contract law network
  • Markos Kyprianou proposed as next Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection

July 2004, Edition DEFRpdf
  • Business and consumers work to ensure safe products on the market
  • EU confronts the threat of an AIDS epidemic in Europe
  • Europe acts to protect children's health
  • Byrne calls on the EU to make good health for all a reality
  • EU signs a revised Convention on animal transport
  • Enjoy your holidays - and know your rights!

June 2004, Edition DEFRpdf
  • Football players at EURO 2004 say �no� to smoking
  • EU works to reduce diseases caused by a polluted environment
  • On holiday with our pets
  • EU bans pressure selling
  • Keep infectious animal diseases out of the EU !

May 2004, Edition DEFRpdf
  • EU food trade with developing countries - a win-win situation
  • EU strengthens rules on hygiene and food and feed control
  • EU approves import of canned GM-sweet corn
  • Europe embraces e-Health
  • EU creates network of national consumer watchdogs

April 2004, Edition DEFRpdf
  • EU newcomers comply with food safety standards
  • The British have the most trust in food
  • New International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources
  • New EU rules on GM food in force
  • e-confidence policy crucial
  • EU helps patients to use healthcare across borders
  • Byrne and Telicka to attend Open Health Forum

March 2004, Edition DEFRpdf
  • Byrne calls for worldwide animal welfare standards
  • Parliament votes to improve food and feed controls
  • AIDS conference in Dublin
  • EU sets common quality and safety standards for human tissues and cells
  • "Feel free to say no" anti-smoking campaign hits the road again

March 2004, Special Edition on Risk Perception DEFRpdf
  • Irrational fears or legitimate concerns? Getting risk in perspective
  • Independent food safety agencies – a major component of governance
  • Can a positive message make headlines?
  • Different cultures, different perception of risk
  • There is no zero risk society
  • Perception of risk – socio-psychological model

February 2004, Edition DEFRpdf
  • European Commission fights against Avian Influenza
  • European Parliament backs new health agency
  • European Commission backs GM sweetcorn
  • Food for thought - EU and US consumers debate diet and health
  • Dangerous products in the spotlight
  • Czech Commissioner to work with Byrne
January 2004, Edition DEFRpdf
  • Commission priorities for 2004
  • Irish presidency priorities
  • Safety first - new rules for products
  • EU acts against avian influenza
  • New Director-General for Health and Consumer Protection

December 2003, Edition DEFRpdf
  • EU ministers back a series of Commission initiatives
  • Facilitating cross-border healthcare
  • Travelling with pets
  • The European Commission proposes "intelligent" packaging
  • David Byrne, Renate K�nast and Miguel Arias Ca�ete open EU conference on risk perception

November 2003, Edition DEFRpdf
  • New Member States must focus on food safety
  • New borders of the European Union
  • EU Regulations on animal by-products, BSE and other TSEs
  • Abattoirs and food processing plants
  • Pesticide residues and residues of veterinary medicines in food
  • Myths and misunderstanding about food, drink and EU enlargement

October 2003, Edition DEFRpdf

July 2003, Edition DEFRpdf

July 2003, Special Edition on Unfair Commercial Practices DEFRpdf

June 2003, Edition DEFRpdf

May 2003, Edition DEFRpdf

April 2003, Special edition on GMOs DEFRpdf

February 2003, Edition 2/03 DEFRpdf

January 2003, Edition 1/03 DEFRpdf

December 2002, Edition 10/02   DEFRpdf

November 2002, Edition 9/02 DEFRpdf

October 2002, Edition 8/02 DEFRpdf

September 2002, Edition 7/02 DEFRpdf

August 2002, Edition 6/02 DEFRpdf

July 2002, Edition 5/02 DEFRpdf

June 2002, Edition 4/02 DEFRpdf

April 2002, Edition 3/02 DEFRpdf

February 2002, Edition 2/02 DEFRpdf

January 2002, Edition 1/02 - EFSA Special DEFRpdf

December 2001, Number 5 DEFRpdf

November 2001, Number 4 DEFRpdf

October 2001, Number 3 DEFRpdf

September 2001, Special edition 1 DEFRpdf

July 2001, Number 2 DEFRpdf

June 2001, Number 1 DEFR pdf