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Plant Health
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Plant Health - Press Releases

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18-12-2003Outcome of Agri/Fisheries Council of December 2003
05-12-2003EU enlargement: Questions and Answers on food safety issues
08-07-2003Commission close to completion of pesticide review: 110 additional substances to be withdrawn
23-06-2003Facilitating safety in animals and animal products: Commission issues manual to assist trading partners
13-05-2003Commissioner Byrne: promoting food safety and diversity throughout an enlarged EU
22-04-2003Explanatory summary : Commission report shows stable level of pesticide residues in food in the EU
14-03-2003Pesticides: consumer protection to be boosted via harmonisation of maximum residue levels


28-11-2002EU Plant Health Regime improved to reduce risk of importing harmful organisms
19-07-2002New building for Commission's Food and Veterinary Office officially opened in Ireland
14-01-2002Enlargement and upgrading food controls are the challenges ahead - David Byrne at Green Week 2002 11/01/2002


27-07-2001Commission proposes a revised approach towards the evaluation of pesticides safety
27-07-2001Commission publishes results of Pesticide Monitoring Programme 1999
24-05-2001Commission publishes results of Pesticide Residue Monitoring Programme 2000


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