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BSE - Trade Rules

Commission Decision N° 96/239/EC of 27 March 1996 on emergency measures to protect against bovine spongiform encephalopathy.

Commission Decision N° 98/653/EC of 18 November 1998 concerning emergency measures made necessary by the occurrence of bovine spongiform encephalopathy in Portugal. es da de el fr it nl pt fi sv pdf

Regulation (EC) N° 999/2001 creates a firm link between the BSE status of a country and the conditions that apply to the export of live bovine animals and a range of products of animal origin from that country to EU. This range includes bovine embryos, fresh meat, minced meat and meat preparations, meat products, other products of animal origin, rendered fat, gelatine, petfood, processed animal protein, bones and bone products, raw material for the manufacture of animal feedingstuffs and bovine intestines. Until the BSE status of the country is not established, transitional measures apply but at the latest until July 2003.

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  • Annex XI of Regulation (EC) N° 999/2001 (transitional measures)
  • Annex IX of Regulation (EC) N° 999/2001 (importation)
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