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Plant Health
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Harmful Organisms - Intra-EU Trade

Council Directive 2000/29/EC regulates the movement within Member States of certain plants, plant products and other objects which are potential carriers of harmful organisms of relevance for the entire community (listed in Part A of Annex V). These plants, plant products and other objects have in general a high economic importance. They are subject to specific conditions governing the control of their production that include inspections at the place of production. at the most appropriate time, i.e. during the growing season and immediately after harvest. Therefore, any producers of producing the material listed in Part A of Annex V must be listed in an official register. The plants, plant products or other objects are also to be accompanied by a plant passport when moved. This document gives evidence that the material has successfully undergone the Community checking system. It replaces the phytosanitary certificate, used for trade between Member States before the establishment of the Single Market.


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