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Plant Health
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Harmful Organisms - Other Issues

Solidarity and Infrastructure

Solidarity: in the event of the appearance of a harmful organism as a result of its introduction or spread within the Community, Member States may receive a ‘plant health control’ financial contribution from the Community. The financial contribution is used to cover expenditure for measures to eradicate or contain the harmful organism.

Infrastructure: Member States may receive from the Community a financial contribution in order to strengthen inspection infrastructures for plant health checks on plant and plant products originating in third countries.


Plant health measures in the French overseas departments, the Azores and Madeira

Community financing is or has been used in programmes for the control of organisms harmful to plants and plant products in the French overseas departments (Programme Poseidom) and in the Azores and Madeira (Programme Poseima). Measures eligible for Community financing under the programmes include plant health measures such as pest risk analysis, plant health evaluation and the promotion of good agricultural practices.

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