Commission User Registration Help

The purpose of the Guest Registration page is to allow external users to gain a guest userid to access freely disseminated databases of the European Commission's Internal Web server.
The requirement for a userid for these services can be for storage of a particular users preferences (i.e. language), saving a users search strategies or simply for statistical purposes.
While every effort is made to maintain these services, these userid's and their privileges can be revoked without notice.
If these userid's are unused for one month they are automatically deleted from the system.
To be able to gain a userid to access these pages, you need a valid internet email address.
To receve a userid you must complete all the fields in the Registration form and submit the information by using the Submit button. Under normal circumstances a userid will be transmitted to you within minutes.
NOTE: As these pages are insecure, you should NOT use a password that you use for another login.

If you require further assistance please contact the contact the following support points:
Phone - (352) 4301 35035.
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