About this service

The "EUROPA" service is built on the World-Wide Web technology developed by the CERN, Geneva. It allows you to navigate easily through documents by the means of "hyperlinks".

Documents on this service can be accessed in different ways:

Links on this service point to various resources:

Certain document formats may not be supported by your browser. They require external viewers or, alternatively, may be downloaded for later viewing or printing.

For PDF files, a free viewer (Acrobat Reader) is available from the Adobe Systems' World-Wide Web Site.

PDF, word processing document and sound files are typically much larger than simple text files. For these files, we give their size along with their description.

The "EUROPA" service is under development

The initial version of this service provides documents in the english language. The support of other languages is under preparation.

The "EUROPA" service is run by the Computing Centre of the Commission's Informatics Directorate.

europa@dg10.cec.be (for comments on the content of this service)
webmaster@di.cec.be (for comments on technical aspects)


Last updated: 13 SEP 1995