Since the early days of the European integration process, the European Commission has provided the public with general information on the Union policies and institutions. This is in line with its special responsibilities to propose new European initiatives and ensure that European legislation is applied correctly throughout the Union.

Two series of free of charge publications are designed to respond to requests for general information from the public.

"Europe on the move" is a series of illustrated leaflets (8 pages) and brochures (up to 50 pages) which give condensed and easy to read explanations on policy areas such as the European Union goals, the rules of the single market, free movement of people, exchange programmes for young people, the ECU, the role of the EU in the world...

"European documentation" consists of a small number of brochures intended for a more demanding public. They explain in length and depth subjects as "The working together of the Institutions of the EU", the "ABC of Community law", the "History of European unification", ...

Latest publications:

Forthcoming publications:

Free of charge publications can be obtained at the Commission's Offices in the European Union

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