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ACTS Information Window

The ACTS Programme (Advanced Communications Technologies and Services) represents the European Commission's major effort to support precompetitive RTD (Research and Technological Development) in the context of trials in the field of telecommunications during the period of the Fourth Framework Programme of scientific research and development (1994-1998).

The "ICT Partnership" is an EC DG-XIII initiative which groups together the users, the suppliers and the professionals in order to enhance their role in the development of the Information Society.


The Inter-Regional Information Society Initiative (IRISI) is an initiative which brings together six regions of the European Union in the promotion of the information society in Europe.

CONCORD directory to the Telematics Applications Programme.

The Telematics Applications program is to further promote the competitiveness of European industry and the efficiency of services of public interest, to stimulate job creation through the development of new telematics systems and services in such areas as telework and teleservices.

The Innovation Programme was created to encourage the exchange of information on research, technology, and successful commercial use of research results. It also aims to encourage the absorption of new technologies and innovation by European companies, in particular SMEs, and to ensure a continued supply of new information - in areas such as best practice, commercial innovations, and partnerships between European companies.

Every month since 1991, around ten scientific subjects, which have been selected and handled on a wholly independent basis by the VIPS Editorial Team, are distributed - free of charge - in the form of filesheets to interested journalists.

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