The European network
for distributing official statistics

1. Dissemination

Internationally-harmonized statistics are essential for planning and achieving European integration.

Eurostat has an important role to play. But it can only succeed in close cooperation with the National Statistical Institutes of Member States and international organizations such as the UN, OECD and EFTA.

Democracy requires statistics obtained in this way to be made accessible to as many users as possible.

To this end, an efficient European statistical distribution network guarantees maximum dissemination.

2. The official statistics network

An extensive statistical network is available to you and all other users.

2.1. Addresses

In the National Statistical Institutes you will find both national publications and the most important Eurostat statistics.

If you need statistics from regional statistical offices, international organizations and Central and Eastern Europe, please ask for the Eurostat address catalogue European official statistics: Sources of information. This is a full list of contact points for official statistics.

2.2. Sales offices

Some 42 sales offices stock all EU publications, including those of Eurostat.

2.3. European Documentation Centres

More than 400 European Documentation Centres and European depository libraries receive Eurostat publications and try to make them available to interested parties.

2.4. Euro-Info Centres

At present the Commission has some 210 Euro-Info Centres. These provide small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) throughout Europe with advice, practical help and information, including European statistics.

2.5. Offices and delegations

These are the Commission's official information centres. They inform the public about current EU developments.

3. Access to databases

The databases stored on Commission computers are only available on-line to EU institutions, National Statistical Institutes and other bodies that supply data. Eurocron is the only exception and is available via the Commission host Eurobases.

3.1. Eurobases host

Access to the Eurocron database can be obtained via the host:

European Commission
Rue de la Loi 200
Tel: +32-2-295.00.01 / 3
Fax: +32-2-296.06.24.


Rue Mercier, 2
L-2985 Luxembourg
Tel: +352-
Fax: +352-

3.2. Commercial hosts

Eurostat has contracts with some commercial on-line information suppliers - or hosts. In addition, some hosts are able to supply data on diskette, magnetic tape or paper.

If you are interested in individual countries' national databanks, we recommend the Eurostat booklet European databanks - a guide to official statistics. This gives information on some 80 publicly-accessible official databanks of 30 National Statistical Institutes.

4. CD-ROM distributors

The offline distribution network is now fully implemented. Please address your queries to the attention of:

Rue Mercier, 2
L-2985 Luxembourg
Tel: +352- / 42.017
Fax: +352-

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