Access to our products throughout Europe and the world

EUR-OP offers a wide range of possibilities to obtain all types of publications and have any information on European Union affairs.
But we apply subsidiarity! That means that we do not supply any publication or document directly and we give no direct access to our databases. We have agents throughout Europe and the world to provide you with any required product or information:

Order of publications

If you wish to purchase any publication, there are some 50 highly qualified sales agents throughout the world. But all good book-sellers and bookshops should also be in a position to help you with your publication request.

Order of documents

If you are interested in a specific document on the EU (e.g. legal acts, including pages from the Official Journal of the EC), there are document delivery services which provide this information via fax and mail. You may select the acts, which are stored on the ABEL database (document delivery system for EU directives), from the table of contents of the Official Journal of the EC.

On-line orders are possible via the EUDOR databases (repository containing official publications of the European Institutions)

Access to the EUR-OP on-line databases

A system of decentralised gateways gives access to a series of databases covering EU law, press information, statistics, public tenders, etc. This system gives users the convenience of being able to pay in their own currency and have the necessary technical support in their own language.

Access to EUR-OP off-line databases

There is a network of agents who sell the many EUR-OP databases on CD-ROM or diskette.

Access to public tenders

There are various ways to access the more than 500 public tenders published daily in the 'S'-supplement to the Official Journal of the European Communities (OJ-S). You wish to subscribe to it? There is a paper and a CD-ROM version (as of 1.1.1997) available. Please contact the EUR-OP sales agents.
Access to TED, the on-line database containing the OJ-S.
Access to the TED-Alert agents who investigate for you those tenders in which you are interested.

General information on the EU

The EU institutions have also created a network on information points throughout Europe.