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Welcome to the Governments on-line home page. This list of Web addresses provides a starting point for those wishing to locate and explore citizen-oriented information disseminated by governments and other official institutions of European Union Member States.
Government servers of Other European Countries are now also accessible on these pages.
This list will be completed and further developed as new servers are introduced to the network. New entries, suggestions or comments should be sent to

European Union Member States


The Federal Ministry for Foreign Affairs provides information on Austrian foreign Policy which adresses interests both at home and abroad. Furthermore, it offers links to a variety of Austrian ministeries and public organisations.
(Information is provided in German and English).


The Belgian Federal Government server presents information on a variety of topics, ranging from Belgium's monarchy to its government, whilst also providing a list of useful addresses and official publications. (Information is provided in Dutch, French, German and English).


The Statens DataNet offers the links and email addresses of a variety of ministries and public organisations. Here you may also find a collection of official Danish documents such as a summary of the 1996 Intergovermental Conference agenda, and a report (entitled "Information Society Year 2000"), presented by the Ministry of Research. (Information is provided in Danish and some documents are avaible in English).


The Valtioneuvoston Kanslia server provides information on Prime Minister Paavo Lipponen's government, including the work programme and budgetary information. Information is also provided on the Cabinet of the President of the Republic, and homepages of the various Ministries which make up the Finnish government are also given(Information is provided in Finnish, Swedish and English).
See also the Foreign Ministry's homepage Virtual Finland.


The French Ministère des Affaires Etrangères database is host to a wide range of documents which addresses French interests both at home and abroad. Information presented by this server commences with general issues, such as French culture and social affairs, and extends to the more specific collection of foreign policy statements, press reviews, and press briefings by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' spokesman. (Information is provided in French, although some documents are available in English, German and Spanish).
See also the web-site of the French Prime Minister.


The server of die Bundesregierung provides information on federal government, the federal Chancellor and several other servers in Germany. You will also find general information about Germany, daily news, press releases and special background information. (Information is provided in German and English).


The Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs server provides general information about Greece. It includes a variety of topics such as news about Greece, political life, history, religion, foreign policy, culture and civilisation, economy and business and many others. (Information is mainly provided in English, but there is also some information available in Greek and French).


The Irish Government Server provides general information on Ireland and on the structures and activities of government departments and agencies. It also provides email addresses for Ministers and certain officials. (Information is provided in Irish and English)


The Italian server AIPA (Autorità per l'informatica nella Pubblica Amministrazione) provides information on public administration as well as the contact addresses of various ministries. Here you may also find a number of databases with information on Italian legislation as well as links to several local servers in Italy. (Information is provided in Italian).


The Luxembourg Government server presents information on a range of topics covering among others the grand-ducal family, the Government, the Luxembourg economy and local authorities. It also provides lists of useful addresses and official publications. (Information is provided in French, German, and English).


The Dutch Government's database, Postbus 51 NL, presents general information on the government such as recent press releases and the contact addresses of various ministries. From this site you may also find the Postbus 51 Infoline, as well as answers to the most frequently asked questions of the service. (Information is provided in Dutch).


The Portuguese INFOCID "information for the citizens" server is a general database produced by 40 different departments from all the ministries. The database is written in Portuguese and contains information on public addresses and INFOCID itself, although general information on Portugal is also available in English.


The information held in Ventana Moncloa server concentrates on information distributed by the Secretary-General of the government's spokesman; such as the agenda of main activities, official speeches, and press releases. Information related to the Spanish presidency of the European Union is also located at this site. (Information is provided in Spanish).


The Swedish Government database, Information Rosenbad, provides information on the government, general information and maps about Sweden and recent press releases and proposals from various ministries.(Information is provided in Swedish, but a link is provided to the Swedish Institute where you can find information in English, French and German).

United Kingdom

The CCTA Government Information Service provides access to a wide range of official information and to public organisations in Britain. Useful links are given at this site which allow to access the Foreign and Commonwealth Office databases (a page on Europe is also found on this server), as well as to information on various government projects. (Information is provided in English).

Other European Countries


The Govern D'Andorra server provides information about the government and the country in general. (Information is provided in Spanish, French, English and Catalan).


On this server the Government of the Republic of Croatia presents press releases, a list of the Government Members, official documents and links to other institutions in Croatia. (Information is provided in Croatian and English)


The official server of the government in Cyprus contains information about the country in general. Here you can find information on the government, history, facts, Cypriot issues and links to other useful web-sites in Cyprus. (Information is provided in English).

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic server provides daily news and press surveys, information about the office of the President, as well as general information about the Czech Republic. (Information is provided in English).


Eesti VM, the server of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides reviews of Estonian News, contact lists and governmental directories, useful information on doing business in Estonia, consular information etc. (Information is provided in Estonian, English, Finnish, Russian and Ukrainian).


The Prime Minister's Office server provides informations about the activity of the government as well as the links to ministries, among them the web site of the Ministry of Industry and Trade which is specialized to the most detailed informations in industry, economy and commerce, including recent statistical data and regulations. (Information is provided in Hungarian and English).


The webserver of the Icelandic Government Stjˇrnarrß­ ═slands contains links to web pages of the various Government offices as they come on-line, as well as to the Parliament┤s website ( Al■ingi ), and some spots of general interests and news from Iceland. ( Information is provided in English and Icelandic)


The Republic of Latvia Ministry of Foreign Affairs now has its own home page Current Latvia, with a weekly information bulletin and general information about the Government and the Parliament. (Information is provided in English).


Merhba, the official website of the Maltese Government gives general information about Malta, its Government, people and business opportunities. (Information is provided in English).


ODIN is the central webserver for the Norwegian Government, the Office of the Prime Minister and the Ministries. Information is provided in Norwegian, but ODIN also gives information on Norwegian Ministries, daily news bulletins, press releases and speeches in English.


The Government Information Centre of the Republic of Poland has created a website with information from some Ministries and the Polish Press Agency. You can also find general information about Poland, its economy, history, cultures etc. (Information is provided in Polish and English)


This server presents information about the Government of Romania. Here you can also find useful links to some Ministeries and to the Parliament, and press releases and news.. (Information is provided in English and Romanian)


On the homepage of The Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Slovenia you can find information on Governmental offices, Agencies and Ministries and useful links to other servers in Slovenia. You can also find speeches, interviews and press releases. (Information is provided in Slovenian and English)


The Confoederatio Helvetica server presents general information about the Federal Authorities of the Swiss Confederation. Among other things you can find links to the Federal Assembly, the Federal Council and the Federal Court. (Information is provided in German, French, Italian and English)


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs server offers general information about Turkey, its foreign policy, news and usefull links to other websites in Turkey. (Information is provided in Turkish and English)


Last updated: 19 December 1996