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Commission welcomes inaugural meeting of European Regulators' Group in Telecoms

DN: IP/02/1553     Date: 28/10/2002



Brussels, 25th October 2002

Commission welcomes inaugural meeting of European Regulators' Group in Telecoms

The inaugural meeting of the European Regulators' Group for electronic communications networks and services was held today in Brussels. In his opening address Erkki Liikanen, European Commissioner for Enterprise and the Information Society said, "Today is an important day as we embark towards the implementation of the new regulatory framework. This inaugural meeting formally marks the establishment of the European Regulators' Group. It brings into being one of the key components of the EU policy on electronic communications, networks and services". He also said "The European Commission and National Regulatory Authorities need to look together at what specific actions can be undertaken, ensuring that the European markets develop in an efficient and sustainable way. Any actions must take into account two factors: first the need to ensure that the new regulatory framework is fully implemented on time and that it remains stable; second, that the integrity of the European Internal Market and the principles of competition policy are respected."

The Group will constitute the interface between National Regulatory Authorities and the Commission. It will contribute to the development of the Internal Market, and to the consistent application of the regulatory framework for electronic communications networks and services in all Member States. (See also IP/02/1171)

Jens Arnbak, Chairman of OPTA in the Netherlands, was elected Chairman of the Group.

Amongst the items discussed in the first meeting were the future work programme of the Group and consultation with interested parties. Details of future meetings, agendas and the future work programme of the Group will be published in advance, and market players will regularly be invited to contribute to the work programme.

The initial work programme will be agreed at the next meeting of the Group in January 2003, and contributions from market players should be received by the 31st of December 2002, on their priorities for areas where there is a need of harmonisation of regulatory measures taken in Member States.

Contributions should be sent to and