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Internet World Canada 99
Conference: February 2-5, 1999 Exhibit Hall: February 3-5, 1999


Mecklermedia, the world's leading source of information about the Internet, acknowledges the innovation, imagination and determination of those sites excelling as catalysts of change. We are proud to announce your opportunity to nominate the website that you believe should be recognized for its accomplishments in improving the lives of Canadians. This annual event is Mecklermedia's tradition in recognizing and honouring those that have excelled in their contribution to this dynamic industry.

The Third Annual Impact Awards will honour those that have excelled by creating and developing the websites that have launched change to the Internet industry. The ceremony will take place at Internet World Canada '99 in Toronto.

The deadline has passed!
Winners will be announced at Internet World Canada '99, during the morning keynote on Wednesday, Feb. 3rd, 8:45AM - 10:00AM

Past Winners

All winners must be nominated, and all nominations will be reviewed by the Awards Committee, chaired by Jane Dysart, chairperson for Internet World Canada. An Impact Award winner will be chosen for each of the following six categories. Please note that websites will not be considered unless nominated. Submit your nomination for the sites that have made a difference in your life in the following categories:

Impacting the way people WORK: This award goes to the Web Site that has fulfilled its mission in actualizing ideas changing the way people work.

Impacting the way people LEARN: This award goes to the Web site that optimizes the Internetís total absence of limitations and boundaries for learning.

Impacting the way people BUY: This award goes to the Web site that has visionary ideas on changing the way people buy on the Internet.

Impacting the way people PLAY: This award goes to the Web site that has had the most impact on the way people play.

Impacting the way people LIVE: This award goes to the Web site that has revolutionized Canadian life.

Impacting the way people Communicate: This award goes to the Web site that best facilitates communication over the Internet.

SITE OF THE YEAR: for the site that has the most impact on changing the way Canadians live their lives, and encompasses at least three of the six categories.

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