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Welcome to BC Hydro Environment
Welcome to BC Hydro Environment

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Environment Update

Hydro Crew Cleans-Up Beaver Creek Trail
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A crew of six BC Hydro employees along with Mike Collier from the Vancouver Salmon & Stream Society headed to Beaver Creek Trail on June 24th to participate in an after work volunteer effort.

The team spent two hours cleaning approximately 100 meters of the trailís rain channel and planted about 20 trees. "The stream was actually very clean so we focused our time planting seedlings along the stream bank and path areas to add root mass and stabilize the soil. We also raked out natural debris from the small rain channel next to the trail to ensure good drainage away from the path and to minimize siltation in the stream," says Robert Penrose, ENGO Liaison.

The Hydro team planned the event as part of the "Take Action Challenge," a month long initiative encouraging Hydro employees to make a difference for the environment by planning and participating in environmental activities.

The Vancouver Salmon & Stream Society is responsible for monitoring the entire watershed which is located in Stanley Park and includes Beaver Lake, Prospects Creek and the Beaver Creek Trail.