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We Want Your Feedback

In addition to our online opinion contest, this questionnaire allows you to voice your opinion. Furthermore, please feel free to send us any additional comments you might have. Just click on the answer boxes, then enter your contact information.

1.Do you live in British Columbia?

Yes     No


Would you like to see more information online about how BC Hydro participates in compensation programs?

Yes     No


When Hydro releases water from a reservoir, which issue is the most important item you would like Hydro to consider?

The cost of electricity
The Environment
Reliability of electricity supply
Flood protection
Safety of the dam


What do you think Hydro's key environmental priorities should be?

Saving energy
Protecting fish and water
Reducing waste and pollution
Vegetation management
Protecting air quality
Protecting and enhancing wildlife and bird
     populations impacted by powerlines
Enhancing recreation opportunities


What do you think is the prime contributor to declining fish stocks?

The effects of dam construction on fish habitat
Over fishing
Water pollution
Global warming
The effects of logging on fish habitat


As we continue to improve the interactivity of our online environmental information, we will begin to hold some limited time on-line events, opportunities to discuss environmental issues with key BC Hydro staff and, occasionally, prominent members of the "green" community. Are you interested in receiving information about new features on BC Hydro's Environment Web site?

Yes     No


All other electricity-related impacts being equal (e.g., environmental, social, economic), would you support exporting electricity if it reduced global greenhouse gas emissions by displacing greater greenhouse gas-emitting electricity?

Yes     No


Are you aware that BC Hydro participates in external educational programs?

Yes     No


In your opinion, what is the major environmental concern in British Columbia?

Water Pollution
Air Pollution


Do you think the environment section of the BC Hydro Web site shows that BC Hydro is committed to continued improvement in environmental performance or do you think it is nothing more than corporate propaganda?

Shows Commitment
Nothing but propaganda
A bit of both


If you have any other comments, or ideas for future feedback please feel free to express them in the box below.


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