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Involvement in Education

et an introduction to BC Hydro's Involvement in Education and then follow the link to the Education site. A great resource for teachers.



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Involvement in Education

About Involvement in Education

nvolvement in Education is BC Hydro's public education program. We provide information for the classroom on energy, hydroelectricity and related issues such as: environmental activities, energy efficiency, public safety and more. This information is available through a series of modules, (online and print), posters, videos and other supplemental resources for grades K-12.

Our Main Objectives:

  • Promote an energy efficiency ethic
  • Foster an understanding of energy and the environment
  • Promote the safe use of electricity
  • Encourage the development of workplace skills, knowledge and attitudes that will allow students to compete in the workforce of tomorrow.

To explore the module series available through Involvement in Education and more, please click below...

Link to BC Hydro Education Now!