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Tell Me About BC Hydro

Following are six images from our recent television branding campaign. Click on each image to see a larger version with related web site links.

The Power is Yours.

All across North America, change is sweeping through the electricity and power industry. Monopolies are deregulating. And competition is being born. That's going to mean some big changes at BC Hydro. Through public opinion surveys, you've told us what you want these changes to be.

You want a BC Hydro that puts customers first. You want a more energetic, efficient and innovative company that plans for the future. You want a BC Hydro that remembers who it's in business for - the people of B.C., who own this corporation.

BC Hydro is your power company. And you expect us to live up to our special responsibility to be an economic, social and environmental leader in the province. To meet your expectations, our whole company is taking up the challenge to change.

The Power is Yours to find out what's new. Read the latest BC Hydro press releases and keep up to speed. Find out about new products and programs too! Get tips that save you money and pick up some that could save your life!

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