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Asset Related Business Opportunities
C Hydro has buildings, property, electrical structures and other assets located throughout BC. We are interested in working with you to develop mutually beneficial business opportunities with these assets. Some business opportunities that we have investigated include leasing of office space, site rentals to the movie industry, harvesting timber, and attaching telecom antennas to transmission towers and distribution poles.



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Transmission & Distribution

Telecom Opportunities with BC Hydro

























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C Hydro Transmission and Distribution facilities throughout the province are used by qualified carriers, for the placement of wireless antennas, telecommunication equipment and fibre optic cables. BC Hydro facilities available for use by qualified carriers include: Overhead Transmission and Distribution systems, substations, underground distribution system ducts, microwave systems, buildings and property.


BC Hydro Assets Available for Business Opportunities

Overhead Transmission System
BC Hydro has 17,800 kilometers of transmission lines throught the province. These transmission lines connect our power generation sources to our distribution substations. The transmission systems include microwave transmission towers and systems located at height of land locations along our major transmission lines.

Over head Distribution System
BC Hydro has 54,700 kilometers of distribution lines connecting the substations to electricity customers in urban and rural settings. There are over 800,000 pole structures in the distribution system. The BC Hydro distribution system provides physical access to over 1 million electricity user's properties throughout BC.

Underground Distribution Duct System
BC Hydro has underground duct systems with space for fibre optic cable placement, located mainly in the lower mainland and Victoria.

Other Physical Plant and Property
BC Hydro has property and substations throughout many cities and towns in BC. We have space in these facilities for telecom towers, antennas, other attachments, equipment shelters and other applications such as space leases.

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