Museum Rules

Rules for visiting the Museum.

1. General Rules

Rules for visiting the The Fabergé Museum at St. Petersburg

1. The Rules for visiting The Fabergé Museum at St. Petersburg (hereinafter - the Rules) govern the behavior and conduct of visitors on the territory and premises of the private institution The Fabergé Museum at St. Petersburg (hereinafter – the Museum).

2. The Rules are available online at the address: http://fabergemuseum.ru/.

3. By purchasing a ticket to the Museum, the visitor agrees to observe all rules that apply to visitors of the Museum.

2. Admission to the Museum

4. Exhibitions may only be viewed during the Museum's opening hours. The Museum's schedule may be viewed at the Museum's official site: http://fabergemuseum.ru/.

5. The ticket office and entrance close a half hour before the Museum closes.

6. Admission is granted only to those with tickets.

7. Any visitor wishing to purchase a reduced-price entry ticket must show the appropriate documentation confirming the visitor's eligibility to receive the appropriate discount at the ticket office.  If no documentation is present, the visitor may be denied admission the exhibition halls.

3. Museum Tours

8. Guided tours of the Fabergé Museum are led only by persons approved of by the Museum's administration.

9. Tours may not exceed 15 visitors. Admission to exhibitions between 10AM and 6PM is only granted to tour groups with a Museum-approved tour guide.

10. Guided tours consist of individuals 7 years and older. Minors must be accompanied by an adult (parent, legal guardian, or permitted caregiver, such as a teacher).

11. Children under the age of 7 may only be admitted to the Museum's exhibitions after receiving special permission from the Museum.

4. Rules of Conduct for Museum Visitors

12. To enter the Museum's exhibition halls, visitors must:
- enter in clean, neat clothes and shoes, without bulky items or bags;
- place all coats, bulky bags, backpacks, carry-on items, etc. in the cloakroom or storage lockers.  Items may not exceed a length, height, and width of 30x20x15 cm;
- be wearing shoe covers;
- follow all instructions given by Museum personnel during the tour.

13. It is prohibited to take into the Museum:
- anything that can be considerd a weapon (gas, knives, guns);
- tools, equipment, carts (baby carriages), sports equipment (balls, bats, hockey sticks, etc.);
- food items, including ice cream, water, chewing gum, etc.;
- alcohol, narcotics, or psychotropic substances;
- animals.

14.  The following is prohibited in the Museum:
being under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, or otherwise intoxicated, as well as smoking or consuming alcoholic, narcotics or psychotropic substances;
- being in dirty or specialized work clothes, shoes, swimsuits, roller blades, etc.;
- going beyond barriers and touching Museum exhibits and displays;
- sitting on furniture from the Museum's collection;
- using mobile phones while touring the Museum;
- loudly speaking or making comments about the tour;
- touring Museum exhibitions without a Museum-approved tour guide;
- visiting the exhibition halls without shoe covers.

15. It is prohibited to take photos and video of the Museum's permanent exhibition halls. Visitors may take photos and video (no tripods) with professional lighting in the lobby, on the Main Staircase, and in the upper gallery.

16. The Museum conducts video surveillance and controls access to the permanent exhibition halls. Security staff inspects all incoming visitors and hand bags with stationary and handheld metal detectors and X-ray screening equipment.

17. Any visitor who refuses to go through the metal detector and/or present hand bags for inspection shall be refused admission to the Museum.

18. By using the cloakroom and storage lockers, the visitor runs the risk of losing all valuables (cash, traveler's checks, jewelry, credit cards, documents, tickets, etc.) left in clothes stored in the cloakroom or when putting such items in a storage locker.

19. Compliance with these Rules is ensured by Museum and security staff.

20. Visitors who violate these Rules shall be removed from the Museum without refund of the admission cost.

21. The recommended age of visitors to the Museum is 7 years and up. In accordance with the requirements of Federal Law № 436-FZ dated 29.12.2010 "On the protection of children from information harmful to their health and development", when buying tickets, buyers should pay attention to the age restrictions for special events (as indicated on promotional items and tickets). It is the parents' responsibility to comply with this condition.

22. The Museum is a private institution: its employees have the right to refuse a visitor admission to the Museum without specifying the reasons for refusal.

23. Material damage caused by the fault of a visitor to the Museum must be compensated for by the visitor in accordance with legislation of the Russian Federation.