Information on tickets prices and booking group tours.

Tickets to the Fabergé Museum may now be purchased online. Please click "Tickets Online" in the main menu for more details. Tickets cost 300 rubles and may be purchased by Visa or MasterCard. Please note that discount tickets may only be purchased at the Museum's ticket office on the day of the tour and that visitors must provide documentation confirming their identity and their right to receive the discount.

Children admitted to the Museum must be accompanied by an adult.

Taking photos or video in the exhibition halls is strictly prohibited.

Admission type Cost

Full-price entry

RUR 300

Reduced price entry

RUR 150

Private tours for groups up to 15 people

RUR 9,000

The Museum has the right to refuse admission to any visitor. All sales are final and tickets may not be exchanged or refunded (unless the Museum is unable to render services to the Visitor).

Privileged categories of citizens:

  1. Retired Russian Federation
  2. University students of the Russian Federation
  3. schoolchildren
  4. Students of military educational institutions of secondary and higher vocational education (pre-contract for military service)
  5. Persons enrolled in the Suvorov Military, Nakhimov Naval, military music schools and cadet (naval cadet) Housing
  6. licensed guides
  7. Member of the Union of artists, architects, designers, Russia

Free access:

  1. Heroes of the Soviet Union
  2. Heroes of the Russian Federation
  3. Holders of the Order of Glory
  4. Hero of Socialist Labor
  5. Knights of the Order of Labor Glory of three degrees
  6. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War
  7. Invalids of the Great Patriotic War and the fighting
  8. Persons awarded the medal "For the Defense of Leningrad"
  9. Persons with a sign "residents of besieged Leningrad"
  10. Former underage prisoners of concentration camps, ghettos and other places of detention, created by the Nazis during the Second World War
  11. Undergoing military conscription
  12. Persons with disabilities groups I and II
  13. Wheelchair users with one accompanying
  14. Combat veterans
  15. Members of large families
  16. Employees of museums of Russia
  17. Members of the International Council of Museums ICOM