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 Tuesday, November 07 2006 @ 01:10 AM GMT+7

The current political situation

General NewsJust a few days after the Thai military to over the government, people start to protest, we can read in the Nation newspaper that nearly 100 people staged the first civilian protest against the coup last night, calling it illegitimate and a violation of Thai democracy. And what are “nearly” 100 people, as it where surely not 99 or 80 if I counted the heads, the correct sentence would be more correct if the Nation had said “nearly 20 people” protested.

Then, violation of Thai democracy, are this people for real? Was there a feeling of democracy and freedom during the days of Thaksin. It was more like living in a Communist state, 18 year old people are able to vote for a government, to drive a car or in court get jailed as an adult. But in daily live they have little freedom, they where not allowed to go out. The previous Thai government tried hard to get his feet between everything Thailand stands for, I hear everyday the national anthem in which the school children from the school a crossed the street sing….”land of the free”

And then I sometimes think, do they really know what freedom is. That said freedom is choosing your own way, good or bad, it is your decision to make lord Buddha told us that we can only learn from our own experiences. Can we still be what we hope to become, if the government holds us back.

Freedom in it purest form is a freedom without government interference, if a kid want to play a online video game the whole night, it is for the parents to say something about this. Not the government who blocks or shutdown’s games servers, parents maybe trusting that the government is doing a good job and let the kids alone. Sorry, for parents thinking that the government was able to find and block all the game servers. And press freedom, why people forget so easy Thaksin did not supported freedom of press…. During his administration the Thai and International press did nothing else as complaining about government interference.

The previous government of Thai Rak Thai, which means Thai Love Thai, promised the Thai people to do more for the information technology sector. They did blocked improper content on the Internet, but with almost impossible way to complain about what they blocked. Several servers are still blocked and personally I can not see the improperness of a website of a sweater manufacturer which the Ministry of Information, Communication and Technology blocks even as I write this story.

For me it is clear, why a country like Thailand have a army, it is to protect the country from any forces that want to bring harm to its people. The problems surrounding Thaksin and the opposition parties were getting out of hand, to quote the generally accepted term “this war of words surrounding Thaksin is hurting the country”. Thaksin was doing all the tricks to stay in power, dirty, nasty, secretly and above all illegal tricks, it is not for nothing that the highest court in Thailand wanted to dissolve the Thai Rak Thai party.

I have the feeling that it can only get better in Thailand, the leaders of the Council for Democratic Reform under Constitutional Monarchy are highly respectable people. And I’m trust them to do exactly what they say, and what we can expect form the army, to help us against forces who want to do harm to the country.

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