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 Thursday, May 26 2005 @ 08:15 AM EDT

Buying computer equipment at Pantip Plaza.


TechnologyThe first thing that hits you upon entering Pantip Plaza in Bangkok, are aggressive youths, mostly male but even a few females, who jump out and block your way as you enter. They even grab your arm firmly as your pass, and shout in your face "Sexy DVD, Sexy Movie", and at the looks of the covers of these movies they are a bit more then only sexy, they won't go away even when you wrestle yourself free. You get pounced on as much as three times in less than a minute on entering and leaving Pantip Plaza.

In all my travels around Thailand, over several visits and several years, the only place I have had this happen to me is at Pantip Plaza. And it happens every time. I felt like punching sellers. It does nothing but encourage the bad view that Thailand has in foreign countries. Yet Thailand is a largely Buddhist and Muslim country where morals are very conservative, even today. Not so at the entrance to Pantip Plaza in Bangkok

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