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 Tuesday, March 28 2006 @ 11:09 PM EST

Exports of dangerous Chinese products doubled


General NewsThe European Commission said yesterday that the number of dangerous non-food products imported to the European Union from China last year more than doubled.

European Union member states reported 346 products of Chinese origin which presented a serious risk for the health and safety of consumers, the EU commission said. In 2004, the number was at 147. Thailand has not a safety mark as the European Union; in the EU all electric and electronic equipment has to apply to the European CE safety standard. Obtaining the CE mark proves to the authorities that the product fulfill essential requirements regarding safety and spectrum protection. The approval process consists of an assessment of the properties of the product

Imports from China account for half of the notified products, the commission said, adding, and “This trend is increasing." Thailand and China have a free trade agreement, and imports from China tripled in the first months after the signing of the free trade agreement.

National authorities in the EU catalogued a total of 701 risky non-food products in 2005, compared to 388 in 2004. In Europe Electronic appliances and toys amount to more than half of the reported risk products, with 25 per cent referring to dangerous toys.

One third of the notifications identified electric shock as the main danger for consumers, followed by risk of injury, burns and choking. Hungary (122 catalogued risk products) and Germany (106 notifications) topped the list of countries reporting dangerous products.

Responsibility for the protection of consumers lies with the producer, a commission spokesman underlined. "If EU companies produce in countries outside the bloc, they have to make sure that their products comply with EU safety standards," he added.

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