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 Tuesday, March 28 2006 @ 11:14 PM EST

The all New Mazda BT-50 Drifter at Bangkok Motor Show


TechnologyThis year we are in for a new line-up of one-tone pickup trucks at the Bangkok Motor Show, including the new Ford Ranger and Mazda’s Drifter BT-50 which replaces the Mazda Fighter. Mazda’s BT-50 will be another pick-up representing the Blue Oval’s (Ford) stable at the Bangkok show.

A Mazda representative said BT-50 is a “global name that will be used in all markets” and is inline with the manufacturer’s current naming system.

BT-50 details remain sketchy, but Mazda has said that the BT-50 has a new MZR-CD direct-injection commonrail turbo diesel engine which delivers a combination of power and fuel economy with the highest torque and best fuel economy in its class, and like its Ford Ranger cousin, have passenger car-standard comfort levels.

Mazda BT-50 Drifter will probably be available in overseas markets from late 2007. Mazda’s Sales managing director Fumio Tone said he was very confident that the BT-50 would help Mazda maintain its strong growth in the market.

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