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 Thursday, May 11 2006 @ 07:01 PM GMT+7
Books about Thailand
Thailand books in cooperation with Amazon
Royal Thai police detective Sonchai Jitpleecheep is called in by his supervisor, hard-bitten Captain Vikorn, to investigate the murder of a CIA operative, Mitch Turner, found disemboweled and...
Off the beaten path tips for adventuring, eating, shopping and sight seeing, from contributors who live, work, teach, write and travel there
Take a dip in a seven-tiered waterfall, trek by elephant to remote hill-tribe villages, sip a lemongrass-and-chili martini at a hip Bangkok club
McDonell's first novel, published when he was 17, was an acclaimed 300,000-copy bestseller—a daunting achievement for this emotionally intricate but iffy sophomore effort to match.
Thai massage is an increasingly popular healing modality, and many American and European massage schools offer at least introductory, if not more
Bangkok Tattoo, Author: John Burdett
To Asia with Love , Author: Kim Fay
The Third Brother
Author: Nick McDonell
The Encyclopedia of Thai Massage
Author: C. Pierce Salguero
Island ways, long days, late rays...relax to the blissful pace of Thailand's south. Feast in paradise, barter for a bungalow, join the party or escape entirely
Travelers' Tales is a new kind of travel anthology, marrying the best of the guidebook and travel literature. Thailand is the first book in this series
This booklet and CD is designed to help foreigners maximize their potential in pronouncing Thai words and enhance their Thai listening and speaking skills. Students will find that they have more confidence in speaking the language and can make themselves understood better.
Thailand Fever
Author: Chris Pirazzi
Bangkok 8
Author: John Burdett
Travelers' Tales Thailand
Author: James O'Reilly
Improving Your Thai Pronunciation
Author: Benjawan Poomsan Becker
Central Thailand is a vast, fertile checkerboard of rice fields and orchard, finely veined with rivers and a network of canals.. border=
Calling in the Soul (Hu Plig) is the chant the Hmong use to guide the soul of a newborn baby into its body on the third day after birth.
Real Thai
Author: Nancie McDermott
Calling In The Soul
Author: Patricia V. Symonds
Frommer's Thailand
Author: Charles Agar
The Kingdom of Siam
Author: Forrest McGill
The Revolutionary King
Author: William Stevenson
Covering the past three centuries of Thai history, this book reveals how a landscape of sparsely populated forest and jungle was transformed into villages and paddy fields
ou'll never feel intimidated and awkward about the customs and etiquette of another country again. With the insights provided in this CULTURE SHOCK! Guide, you'll learn to see beyond the stereotypes
Thai Massage, Sacred Bodywork is a complete guide to an ancient practice that benefits body, mind, and spirit.
Grade 3-6--Noi, 11, lives in a small village in Thailand with her parents, her grandmother, and her older sister. Her carefree life, filled with family and school, is changing as farmland is sold to developers
Author: DK ADULT
A History of Thailand
Author: Chris Baker
Culture Shock
Author: Robert Cooper
Thai Massage
Author: Ananda Apfelbaum
Silk Umbrellas
Author: Carolyn Marsden
A mother, having just put her toddler to sleep, says
While this book is a valuable resource for anyone visiting Bangkok, it is especially useful for those persons who are going to live in the city. Here, you will find the facts you need to know for planning,
Despite myriad cultural attractions, sand and sea are what most Thailand holidays are about, and with over three thousand kilometres of tropical coastline there are plenty of stunning white-sand beaches
Hush! A Thai Lullaby
Author: Minfong Ho
The Bangkok Survivor's Handbook
Author: Robert Hein
Diving Southeast Asia
Author: David Espinosa
Thailand is the first choice retreat for well-travelled sybarites looking for stress-relief pampering - with silky smooth beaches and mouth-watering cuisine to boot..
From start to finish, this is a classic example of the synergy of clear, thoughtful text, superb photography, and clean, attractive book design. Since most non-Thais have little knowledge of the Thai history or culture
Despite its 1941 alliance with Japan, Thai leaders managed to establish clandestine relations with China, Britain and the United States, each of which had ambitions for postwar influence in Bangkok
Sulak Sivaraksa, founder of the International Network of Engaged Buddhists and winner of the 1995 Right Livelihood Award, takes on such issues as the religion of consumerism, indicating solutions to a wide range of political, economic, and social problems.
The Colours of Thailand
Author: Barbara Lloyd
Thai Spa Book
Author: Chami Jotisalikorn
The Arts of Thailand
Author: Steve Van Beek
Thailand's Secret War
Author: E. Bruce Reynolds
Seeds of Peace
Author: Sulak Sivaraksa

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