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 Wednesday, July 19 2006 @ 07:14 AM EDT
Thai Music
Thai music in cooperation with Amazon
Can elephants make music? By the sounds heard on Thai Elephant Orchestra, a collaboration between humans Dave Soldier and Richard Lair and the Thai Elephant Conservation Center (not to mention the six creatures doing all the work), the answer is a resounding, percussive, and unimaginable "yes." The Ganesha Symphony - The Birth of Ganesha In an era when rock has completely broken all ties with its roots, and become boring and grindingly consistent, its good to go back and realize that there are still a lot of different ways to approach this pop thing. Sometimes, the people who know the least about authenticity do the best job. Take Pairote's cover of "Your Cheatin Heart," as well as the covers of "All Shook Up" and "Funky Broadway." Groovy 60s sounds from the land of smile! Incredible and ultra rare recordings from Thailand in the 1960s. 2004.
Thailand is, to my way of thinking, about as exotic as you can get, and this disc is packed with music that is quite pleasantly outside of my frame of reference. A wide variety of regional genres are included, from imaginative Western-influenced pop crossovers to more indigenous (though still quite modern sounding) styles. I've never heard of any of these artists before Molam: Thai Country Groove From Isan If You Dug Volume One and Two of "Thai Beat a Go-go", You'll Go Crazy Over this Release in the Thai Beat a Go-go Series! Incredible and Ultra Rare Recordings from Thailand in the Late 1960s to Early 70s. The Amazing "Thai Beat a Go Go V.3", Concentrates on Thai Funk, Exotic Female Pop, Go-go and Rock N Roll, Amazing Moog Blasters and of Course Some Very Weird Tracks, Extreme Sensuality and Emotions Reticent yet dynamic, sophisticated and delicate, this recording contains four cherished and exquisite compositions performed with an enchanting mix of xylophones, gongs, cymbals, fiddles, guitars, and breathtaking vocals. Instrumental and vocal music of the Thai classical repertoire draws listeners into a realm of ornate tonal variations and textured rhythms. Recorded in 1994 in Bangkok, this studio recording features musicians of the Bangkok College of Dramatic Arts Fine Arts Department, performing the traditional and highly refined music of the Thai royal court.
Indra's Paradise: The Essence Of Thai Music Music from Thailand Launa Thai: Instrumental Music of North-West Thailand Ca Tru: Music of North Vietnam
Thailand: Dances Air Mail Music: Thailand World Music Library: Thai Music Virtuosi of Thai Classical Music
Thailand Sunsets: Sunset Series, Vol. 3 Classical Music of Thailand - Land of 10 [IMPORT] Chang Saw: Village Music of Northern Thailand Mo Lam Singing of Northeast Thailand
Jakajan: Music From New Siam Thailand: The Music of Chiang Mai Tata Young has the look and sound of a full-blown American pop diva. Three quarters of her album is single material, and most CDs released here can't even beat that. Every song is great, and deserves to be here.
The Flower Of Isan: Songs And Music From Northeast Thailand

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