Update: Print Functionality and Better E-mail Reporting

We did a release this morning and added some cool features. Here’s a rundown:

Print added as a service to the AddThis menu.

We’ve added a whole new service to the AddThis menu… printing. Just click “Print” and it will print the page that you’re on. (See screenshot above.) Pretty simple but pretty awesome. This means you can also add the print service to the hover menu. The value you’ll need is just “print”. Enjoy!

Top Services with E-mail

Secondly, within the beta analytics, you’ll now start seeing e-mail sharing being included as a service in the Top Services report. (See screenshot above.)

Let us know what you guys think of these features. Drop a comment on this blog post or e-mail me - justin@addthis.com

15 Responses to “Update: Print Functionality and Better E-mail Reporting”

  1. 許・美美 Says:

    I just wanted to say…

    I can’t believe I only found this plugin now. Awesome job~! I don’t have to worry about not having an account on wherever. x3

    You guys are pure geniuses. xD

  2. webjockey Says:

    Thanks for the email reporting!! I just signed up for Add This about a week ago and was wondering about that, and then, voila, yesterday it showed it in my analytics for the first time! The print option is also a great idea. Thanks!!

  3. 許・美美 Says:

    oh, by the way, is there any chance you could add plurk on this list? :)

  4. fxniche Says:

    hi justin,

    i just join addthis and i think you’ve done a great job plus you’ve update new features like printing and email sharing… it’s awesome

  5. Muazzam Mehmood Says:

    It’s pretty nice addition to addthis.

    I appreciate and thanks.

  6. Tony K Says:

    This is great. Love the print function.

    It would be great if we could make a print button/link the same way we can make an email button/link.

  7. Tony K Says:

    Scratch that suggestion - not an issue with printing, just use javascript and a print formatted stylesheet.

  8. qarla Says:

    I love this widget. So very useful.

  9. Tim N Says:

    I like the idea of a print feature. It would be great if it brought up a preview so I could select which pages should print. A bog entry ends up being one page of content and 4 pages of comments.

  10. Kevin Says:

    I’m not seeing print or email actually in the popup window (not talking the hover, but the popup)..possible I’m running old code?

    In general, when you do these updates, to people have to update code?

  11. tashi Says:

    sir..i have been unable to put this bookmark button to my blogger blog as in edit html option is not there..m using modified blogger classic template…now where do i put this codes to have this button below every post.

  12. Robb Says:

    The email function reporting is really nice. I notice that and facebook are the main ones my users use.

  13. itmaker Says:

    This is great…
    I love this widget. :)

  14. Christy McCarthy Says:

    THANK-YOOUUUUU! For combining the email + bookmark stats in one simple list. From my perspective, email is just another method of sharing content and it’s useful to see where it sits in terms of popularity.
    On our site, it’s Facebook + email in spades with a handful of other sites making a long list. Interestingly, Twitter is also climbing the ranks - wonder where it’ll be 12 months from now?

  15. justin Says:

    Christy, glad to hear that you like it. Let us know how we can make it better. - justin@addthis.com

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