Powerful and intuitive show control for your Mac.

QLab makes it simple to build rich, sophisticated multimedia designs for theatre, dance, or other live performance or installation projects. Use it for sound design, video projection design, or anything where you need to trigger media playback in a precise and flexible manner.

Focus on your art. Leave the rest to QLab.

QLab allows you to control audio, video, and MIDI from a single workspace. And while QLab can control racks of state-of-the-art equipment, you don't need high-end hardware for professional results. Make it the centerpiece of your tech booth or turn your iBook into a portable cueing powerhouse.

The basic version of QLab is absolutely free, and comes fully loaded with dozens of sophisticated features. In fact, you'd have to spend hundreds of dollars on other software just to get what QLab gives you for free. For advanced users, additional plugins and enhanced features are available.

Designed to enable you, not get in your way.

QLab provides an intuitive environment for crafting your design. Organize your cues simply by dragging and dropping them. Want to add a new sound? Just drag it onto your workspace. Cut and paste cues to new locations, new workspaces, or even external spreadsheets. Decide you didn't like that adjustment? No problem, you can undo anything.

QLab keeps every parameter for every cue right at your fingertips. It's easy. Like any self-respecting Mac software ought to be.

Rigorously engineered for first-class performance.

Designed for precision, QLab provides playback control accurate to thousandths of a second. It uses pre-buffered sounds and Apple's CoreAudio framework to ensure your audio plays instantly. If you have more than one CPU, QLab will automatically balance the load across processors. And QLab doesn't place any artificial limits on your creativity, like some show control software. Your Mac is capable of running dozens of cues at once. Who are we to get in its way?

Feeling curious? Learn more about QLab or skip straight to the good stuff and try it yourself.

Feature Highlights
  • Unlimited cues playing concurrently
  • Unlimited undo for any change
  • Support for up to 16 channels per sound
  • Independent matrix mixer for every sound
  • Support for 8 separate audio devices
  • Support for 8 separate video devices
  • Organize cue lists in groups
  • Adjustable fade curves
  • Fade single cues or entire groups
  • Windowed and full-screen video
  • Built on CoreAudio and CoreVideo for low latency
  • Assign a hotkey to any cue or cue list
  • Create relative and absolute timelines
  • And more...
User Response

"I'm feeling like this could be as important to what we do and our careers as the invention of the sampler, and no I'm not kidding."
—Darron West, Sound Designer, The SITI Company, New York, NY

"Many congratulations—I really do think this is one of the best new pieces of theatre sound software I've seen in many years."
—John Leonard, Designer and author of "Theatre Sound", London, UK

"...fast and easy. I can give our director many options and quickly shift between them."
—Stuart Brindle, Chief Technician, New Wolsey Theatre, UK

"This is the program I've been dreaming of..."
—Bill Moriarty, Recording Engineer & Sound Designer, Philadelphia, PA

"This is an amazing application, exactly what I've been desperately looking for so I could run my shows from my Mac."
—Rory Dale, Resident Sound Designer, Playhouse on the Square, Memphis, TN

"QLab has changed everything."
—Matt Bishop, Audio Engineer, Alford Media Services, Texas

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