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MIDI File Cue

The MIDI File Cue allows you to play standard MIDI files to any MIDI destination on your system. Type 0 and Type 1 MIDI files are both supported.
A Pro MIDI license is required to reactivate MIDI File cues that have been saved to disk.

The output patch determines which output device is used by the MIDI File Cue. The mapping of output patch to output device can be set in the workspace preferences. The output patch makes it easy to build designs for which the final MIDI devices are unknown, or to adjust a workspace to accomodate changes in the available MIDI devices on the current system.
The playback rate determines how fast or slow the MIDI file will be sent to the MIDI destination. A value of 1 will send the MIDI file at the default rate specified in the file, a value of 2 will send the MIDI messages at twice the default rate specified in the file, etc.
This documentation is also available as a PDF document or within QLab under the Help menu.