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The MTC Cue allows you to generate midi timecode and send it to any MIDI device. If you pause MTC cues, the outgoing timecode will also be paused. If you then restart the cue, it will restart where it left off.
A Pro MIDI license is required to reactivate MTC cues that have been saved to disk.

Directly select the MIDI device destination that will receive the timecode from the popup menu. (A MIDI patch is not used for MTC Cues.)
The MTC Cue will generate timecode in all four MTC formats:
  • 24 fps
  • 25 fps
  • 30 fps drop
  • 30 fps non-drop
By default timecode will start counting from time zero. However, you can also start at any other time by entering your desired time in the Start Time field.
This documentation is also available as a PDF document or within QLab under the Help menu.