Build a world, one cue at a time.

The fundamental building block of a QLab workspace is the cue. What is a cue? Well, a cue might play a sound, or start another cue. A cue might adjust the volume of a sound, or play a video, or do nothing but wait for a particular length of time. In fact, a cue is just about anything that can be started and stopped.

In QLab, every cue is a plugin. Adding new types of cues is as simple as dropping them into your QLab plugins folder...but you don't even have to do that! QLab features integrated plugin management, allowing you to find, install and update plugins with only a few clicks.

General Features

Auto-continue immediately or after a specific time (accurate to thousandths of a second).  
Intelligent pre-loading of every cue ensures fastest possible response times.  
Easily seek to arbitrary positions within cue sequences.  
Pause, play, rewind, and fast-forward any running sequence.  
Global pause and play.  
Assign hotkeys to any cue or cuelist.  
Create both absolute and relative timelines of cues.  
Store notes with any cue.  
Edit many cue parameters "inline" with minimal keystrokes.  

Group Cue

Build complex composite cues of unlimited size.  
Support for hierarchies of unlimited depth.  
Expand groups to view their contents, or collapse them to hide the details.  
Option to fire all children of a group simultaneously.  
Easily change any group into a cue list, or vice-versa.  

Sound Cue

Free Enhanced Audio
Play as many simultaneous Sound Cues as your computer can handle.    
Independent matrix mixer for every cue; set levels independently for every sound.    
Support for 8 channels in and 8 channels out for each audio file.    
Support for 8 independent audio output devices per workspace.    
Support for multiple file formats, including WAV, AIFF, MP3, and more.    
Adjust start and stop times with millisecond accuracy.    
Easily loop audio clips a finite or infinite number of times.    
Customizable buffer size, from 0.5 to 10 seconds.    
Support for 16 independent output channels per cue, routed to as many as 32 physical output channels per device.  
Global channel patching for each output device.  
Global volume adjustments for each output device.  
Aggregate audio device support.  
Custom channel names for each output device.  
Copy and paste Sound Cue volume levels to other Sound Cues.  

Sound Group Cue

Enhanced Audio
Easily manipulate several Sound Cues as if they were a single multi-channel audio file.  
Drag-and-drop rearrangement of audio input channels.  

Fade Cue

Free Enhanced Audio
Fade single sounds or whole groups of sounds with one Fade Cue.    
Support for absolute or relative fades.    
Support for customizable fade curves, including logarithmic and linear curves.    
Fade any channel of a sound, including crosspoints and inputs.    
Specify end volumes for each channel independently.    
Support for 16 output channels.  
Copy and paste Fade Cue volume levels to other Fade Cues.  
Live previews, to hear end volume levels immediately when setting fades.  

Video Cue

Pro Video
Play full-screen video or still images on any attached display. (Up to eight separate displays.)  
Display video or still images in a resizable window on any attached display.  
Overlap multiple videos and still images, create picture-in-picture displays, and create custom backdrops.  
Control aspect ratio, volume, transparency, and looping properties.  
Play back any media file that Quicktime supports, including video files, still image files, and even MIDI music files.  

Video Fade Cue

Pro Video
Adjust the transparency of a Video Cue (or an entire group of Video Cues) with one Video Fade Cue.  
Perform absolute or relative fades.  
Customizable fade curves.  

MIDI Voice Message Cue

Send all MIDI Voice messages.  
Adjustable fades for Control Change, Key Pressure, Channel Pressure, and Pitch Bend messages.  
Support for 8 independent MIDI destination devices per workspace.  

MIDI Show Control Cue

Send all General Commands  
Send all Sound Commands  
Support for all timecode formats.  
Control QLab remotely with MIDI Show Control messages.  
Support for 8 independent MIDI destination devices per workspace.  

Start Cue

Trigger any cue sequence in the workspace, including cue lists.  

Stop Cue

Stop any cue or group of cues in the workspace, including entire cue lists.  

Goto Cue

Simple adjustment of playback flow control.  

Wait Cue

Wait during playback for a specific length of time, accurate to thousandths of a second.  

Target Cue

Pro Control
Dynamically assign new targets to Goto cues during playback.  
Makes vamping easy.  

Pause Cue

Pro Control
Pause any cue during playback. Restart them with the Start Cue.  

Reset Cue

Pro Control
Reset any cue or cue list.  

Load Cue

Pro Control
Load cue sequences to any time within their timeline.