Program Overview

Investments made through the Research Program are expected to provide a positive contribution to the government’s goal of having a leading edge forest industry that is globally recognized for its productivity, environmental stewardship and sustainable forest management practices.

Program investments are expected to lead to positive outcomes in at least four identified impact areas, including:

1.  More Effective Policies, Regulations and Guidelines
  • by providing necessary scientific information required to support policy, regulatory and guideline development, testing and adjustment;
  • by enhancing the quality of decision-making through an improved knowledge base; and
  • by empowering decision-makers to employ practical adaptive management approaches.

2.  Enhanced Value of the Forest Land Asset
  • by enhancing timber quality (e.g., through silviculture and genetics);
  • increasing available volume over time through productivity enhancements and better realization of inherent site potential;
  • by increasing available timber volume by addressing access constraints; and
  • by reducing forest health risks through better management practices that protect, maintain and enhance timber volume and value.

3.  Improved Stewardship and Market Acceptability of B.C. Forest Products and Forest Practices
  • by enabling and accelerating certification practices; and
  • by improving sustainable forestry practices in terms of planning, management monitoring, analysis, reporting and adjustment.

4.  Increased and More Effective Reach of Forestry Research Results
  • by designing and undertaking research studies so the results have the potential for broad applicability beyond just a local geographical or ecological situation; and
  • Designing research studies so they provide useable results to as wide a set of users as possible.

It is the intention of FII that the results of the research and extension it supports be made available to all interested parties. For this reason, proprietary research and development are not supported by the program. Ideally, research and extension supported by the program is to be done in BC by, and for the benefit of, British Columbians. Support for activities occurring outside the province will be considered if the expertise necessary to conduct these activities does not exist in BC.

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